#140 WholeHearted Wednesday - John W. Gehring: Tales of Love and Service, Stories from the Heart


Today's conversation is with John W. Gehring, author of Tales and Love and Service: Stories from the heart. John has worked on service, education and sports programs in more than 60 countries. His stories from the heart explore the everyday lives and challenges of parts of humanity that are often overlooked. John hopes his experiences will inspire you on your life's journey to transcend the things that divide us and discover new connections and friendships.

#139 Four Minute Friday - Finding Balance


Maybe you have felt a push or pull inside of you between doing and being. I know I have. This episode explores that dynamic and asks an important question. Enjoy!

#138 Meditation Monday - Honoring Our Mothers


#137 Four Minute Friday - Doing What You Love


#136 Four Minute Friday - Where Facts and Dreams Dance


This Four Minute Friday started as a question. I was wondering - what don't I know? What do I want to discover?

# 135 Meditation Monday - Permission To Be


#134 Four Minute Friday - Nudging Humanity Forward


This story reminds me of words of wisdom from Rumi, "Beyond right and wrong there is a field, I will meet you there." Enjoy! 

#133 Four Minute Friday - Expansion


This Four-Minute Friday looks at how relationships are often catalysts for expansion in our lives. I'm curious about your story... 

#132 Meditation Monday - That Which Holds You


#131 Meditation Monday - Let Love Be Your Guide


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